Why Custom Fries Boxes Have Solution for Your Food Brand?

custom fries boxes wholesale

French fries do not need to be defined. It is one of the most popular light-weight spicy snacks. Fresh and hot snacks always appeal to the clients. Custom fries boxes is a very impactful way to serve soft and crispy fries. These boxes are manufactured with the sturdiest material and are resistant to moisture, water, humidity, and sunlight. Moreover, they are also a convenient way to eat the fries without spoiling your personality.

Brands undervalue the personalized packaging for fries. In this blog, we will consider the role of custom printed French fries boxes in bringing the food business into the spotlight. After reading this blog, you cannot resist using customized boxes for fries packaging.

Custom French Fries Boxes Source of Keeping Fries Fresh and Warm:

Can you imagine enjoying non-crispy and cold fries? It is a terrific experience even to imagine. Food lovers always look for hygienic and fresh fries. The quality fries’ packaging can help you to win the client’s favor. You can opt for cardboard french fries boxes. Cardboard paper is strong and can absorb grease and oil. It is also moisture free. As a result, they help retain the taste and freshness of delicious fries for an extended period.

Improve Product Sales with Unique and User-Friendly french Fries Boxes:

Food handling is a very strenuous task, especially fries too. They are prone to leakage and spoilage because of inappropriate packaging. The buyers disapprove of inadequate packaging regardless of the product’s quality. The right size and user-friendly custom french fries boxes are a good choice to convince clients to fall for your food brand. Cone-shaped boxes are an ideal way to hold or ship products from one place to another. Apart from it, you can handpick fries trays or cups to serve the clients at restaurants or bars.

The food industry is broad. It is challenging to bring forward the newbies brands in the market and give them a respectable position among the audiences. Ready-made boxes are unadaptable to any type of modification. They come in common designs and prints. In contrast, custom Kraft Boxes are accustomed to numerous packaging solutions. You can give an exclusive touch to the box’s packaging by adding a logo, captivating artwork, or illustrations related to the products. The imprinted details about the company leave a memorable impression on the buyers. They become accustomed to the company’s name.

Custom French Fries Boxes: Environmentally Friendly Packaging Solution

The sustainable nature of custom French fries boxes can inspire you to opt for them for your food brand.  They are made with the sturdiest kraft and cardboard substrates. Kraft paper is a suggestable choice for storing lightweight items. It is recyclable and found in white, black, and brown colors. Brown kraft is favored due to its organic and uncoated nature. On the other hand, this is cardboard. It is also food-friendly but partially recyclable due to lamination. The right size and user-friendly custom french fries boxes are a good choice to convince clients to fall for your food brand. Cone-shaped boxes are an ideal way to hold or ship products from one place to another.

iCustomBoxes: Your Go to Packaging Facility for Custom Hot Dog Boxes

why us? What is particular about the services that give us an edge over our competitors? You must be willing to know.  Our company is one of the top-leading name in packaging industry You can get fully customizable custom french fries boxes at wholesale rates. You can personalize them in any tailor-made shape, size, color, and material with the assistance of our expert designers. Moreover, we also offer free mock-ups and arrange design consulting sessions to bring out first-rate results. So, unite with our experts and get ready to excel in the crowd with exceptional fries packaging. Order us to take advantage of our world-class facilities.

  • Eco-friendly packaging material
  • Accurate size and shape fries’ boxes
  • Quickest turnaround
  • Free of-cost shipping worldwide
  • Live chat facility
  • Top-notch printing methods
  • Market competitive prices


Can I design a plain french fries box?

Everything is possible in customization, and it’s just a matter of sharing with us. We use kraft boxes to give a simple and unadorned look to fries packaging.

Which printing methods do you use for printed French fries boxes?

Our company offers different printing alternatives. They are named offset, digital, and screen printing. Offset is one of the most recommendable options. However, you can also opt for screen and digital printing.

Do you offer free shipment on French fries boxes wholesale?

Yes, you can avail of free shipping facility in all across the world.

Which packaging material is appropriate for hot dog boxes?

Brown kraft and cardboard papers are the most cost-efficient and repayable packaging solutions for custom printed hot dog boxes.

Unacquainted with french fries packaging? Please read this blog to know the importance of custom French fries boxes for food brands and their role in marketing.

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