Top 3 of the Dynabook G Series Laptops – Top Picks

Dynabook G Series Laptops

A laptop is your window into the tech world. Whether it’s for entertainment, gaming, education, business, or communication, these versatile devices are everybody’s go-to computing partners and serve as “powerful workstations”. 

However, with so many counterparts available in the industry, finding and choosing a reliable laptop can be stressful. You may also have to consider so many factors such as processing power, display quality, graphics capabilities, RAM and storage capacity, battery life, and weight of the laptop before finalising your decision. 

Among the leading laptop brands, Dynabook is the most trustworthy laptop manufacturer. Our admiration stems from its commitment to innovation and quality. From durable architecture to long-lasting batteries, robust security protocols to advanced gaming features, the Dynabook G series is designed to set new milestones in the world of computing. 

To assist you in making an informed decision, we have carefully tested and reviewed the three latest Dynabook Toshiba laptops while considering all the essential specifications and features. So, let’s delve into them! 

Dynabook Toshiba Satellite Pro ET10-G-106 (CST1012006EN)

  • Intel Core N3350 Processor 
  • 10.1 in. Screen Size, Maximum Resolution: 1280 x 800 
  • 4 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD 
  • Intel HD Graphics GPU 
  • Windows 10 Pro Education 
  • Colour: Black 

Design and Build Quality:

The new Dynabook Toshiba Satellite Pro features a unique and elegant design, weighing only 1 KG. This laptop is a 2-in-1 convertible and ultraportable machine, which means you can use it either as a laptop, tablet, or studio mode. The laptop is manufactured with premium-quality materials to ensure durability and reliability for longer periods. 

Keyboard and Trackpad:

The ET10-G-106 laptop comes with a full-sized ergonomic keyboard and smooth touchpad for a comfortable and strain-free user experience, no matter how long you have been working. 

Built-in Webcam and Microphone:

or business professionals, students, and remote workers, the Dynabook Toshiba is an excellent choice as it is preloaded with front- and rear-facing cameras and a built-in microphone to get through the webinars, digital classes, video meetings, and online presentations throughout the day. 


Thanks to the Intel Core N3350 Processor and Intel HD Graphics GPU, the Satellite Pro provides a high-performance laptop for working from home and can handle just about anything. 


Featuring a 10.1-inch IPS touch display with an HD resolution of 1280 x 800, this laptop can take your viewing experience to new heights. Regardless of whether you are working from home, school, the library, the playground, the bus, or a café, the screen will bring stunning visuals for presentations, projects, pictures, games, and anything in-between. 


Connecting external devices is no longer a major hassle, as the ET10-G-106 comes with multiple connectivity ports, such as a USB-C port for data transfer and sharing. To connect your laptop with an external monitor and projector, it also boasts a DisplayPort. There’s a Micro HDMI, two more USB ports, fast Bluetooth 4.2, and an SD card reader present. 

Dynabook Satellite Pro L40-G-102 (A1PJA11E1116-AG) 

  • Intel Core i5 Processor 
  • 14 in. Screen Size, Maximum Resolution: 1920 x 1080 
  • 8 GB RAM, 512 GB SSD 
  • Intel UHD Graphics GPU 
  • Windows 10 Pro 
  • Colour: Grey 
  • 1 Year Warranty 

Design and Display:

If you are a creative professional and looking for something more than a traditional laptop, the Dynabook Satellite Pro L40-G-102 is for you! Crafted with precision, the Satellite Pro is a powerful workhorse that comes equipped with a 14″ anti-glare display to bring the latest technology and versatility to your disposal. 

Keyboard and Touchpad:

The comfortable and wider touchpad of the L40-G-102 makes navigation quick and easy, while the keyboard delivers a smooth and seamless typing experience while editing spreadsheets, presentations, and writing documents. 


Performance features are something that sets the Dynabook Satellite Pro apart from the other Dynabook G Series laptops. Combining the power of a 10th generation Intel CoreTM processor, 8 GB of DDR4 RAM, and an Intel UHD Graphics GPU, you can not only handle basic computing tasks but also play your favourite AAA titles without any input lags or downtime. 


With ample storage capacity of 512 GB, you’ll never run out of space! You can store your office files, notes, multimedia, or whatever you want. 

Connectivity Options:

Connect to the multiple external displays and peripherals with the number of connectivity ports available on this multitasking laptop. These options include USB Type-C, Gigabit LAN, two more USB ports, HDMI, a micro-SD card slot, and a headphone jack. 


The A1PJA11E1116-AG is also packed with robust security features to keep your important information away from hackers and malware. It has incorporated a Firmware Trusted Platform Module (fTPM), a security lock slot, and an optional smart card reader to safeguard your device from unauthorised access. 

Dynabook Toshiba Satellite Pro Laptop (C40-G-109) 

  • Intel Celeron Processor 
  • 14 in. Screen Size, Maximum Resolution: 1366 x 768 
  • 4 GB RAM, 128 GB SSD 
  • Intel UHD Graphics GPU 
  • Windows 10 Pro 
  • Colour: Blue 

Design and Portability:

Striking an excellent balance between power and mobility, the Dynabook Toshiba Satellite Pro is a great choice for students and professionals on the go. It showcases a distinguished colour scheme and a contemporary design, which impress everyone around. Weighing less than 2 Kg and having minimal thickness, this is an ultraportable laptop that can be easily packed into your backpack and carried everywhere. 


Thanks to the Intel Celeron Processor, Intel UHD graphics, up to 4GB of super-fast DDR4 RAM, and 128 GB of standard storage, the C40-G-109 can efficiently handle light multitasking and everyday business tasks. 


The most impressive feature of the Dynabook Toshiba Satellite Pro is its 14-inch anti-glare IPS display, which provides cinematic visuals and amazing colour reproduction in your games, movies, and other activities. 


With a 1-year comprehensive manufacturer warranty, this laptop has everything you need to stay connected with your teammates or family. 802.11ax, ac+agn Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and gigabit LAN allow you to study, stream, and browse at blazing fast speeds. The laptop offers multiple connectivity options, including USB Type-CTM, to display, charge, and share data with external devices. You can use the full-size HDMI port to present on the larger screens, and a microSD card reader provides you access to an external portable device. 

Other Impressive Features:

The laptop’s Windows Hello-ready HD Webcam, Cortana-enabled microphones, and stereo speakers, offer you a smooth and enthralling user experience. The Dynabook has added an antibacterial protective layer to the surface of Satellite Pro C40s to prevent microbial growth by 99.9%. 

Wrapping up!

When it comes to selecting a laptop for your business and personal needs, the Dynabook laptops are a worthy consideration. In 2023, the Dynabook Toshiba have pushed the boundaries of innovation with its latest G series line-up of business laptops.  

Whether you’re a business professional seeking a sleek and sustainable laptop or a gamer looking for something unrivalled, the Dynabook G series has something to offer everyone. In this article, we have highlighted the top three laptops from this series, each providing unique features and capabilities.  

So, what are you waiting for? Check out Laptop Outlet and grab yourself any of these cutting-edge models!

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