Practical Methods to Find Your Spotify Pie Chart

spotify pie chart

The most popular music platform Spotify initiated the “Spotify wrapped” feature that lets users take a glance at the breakdowns of their favorite music, that they have listened to throughout the year, annually. Your listened music, albums, and artists are well organized in a colorful chart that makes it more fascinating among music lovers. By analyzing the artists and music played by a person in a year, Spotify Wrapped makes a beautiful captivating chart 

 But the fact is users can access it once a year to view their most played and less played music in the form of a beautiful chart.

Seeing the demands of the users, Darren Huang, a student at the University of California has created an unofficial site to fill the gap and named it “Spotify Pie Chart” to view all your music listened to on the Spotify app at any time. This doesn’t require waiting for a year to see the statistics of the music played on Spotify.

Are you intrigued to get delve into Spotify pie chart? Stay tuned with us.

We have got you covered all about it what you need to know in this post.

What is Spotify Pie Chart

A Spotify pie chart is an unofficial website that collects data from all the music consumed by you in a month and develops a beautiful colored music pie chart. To view your own Pie chart you need to sync your Spotify app with the Spotify Pie Chart website and you can take a glimpse into the colorful chart that showcases different genres, artists, and albums listened to by you, in different hues. You don’t have any time binding to see your Spotify Pie chart as the third-party tool can be accessed any time anywhere if you have a Spotify account. To make the interface easy to understand, the app describes every color that represents different genres, below the graph.

The best part is Spotify Pie chart can be updated on a monthly basis and says officially “Bake your Monthly Genre Pie”

How to Get My Spotify Pie Chart

If you have installed the Spotify app on your phone and you are a regular listener of Spotify music then only you can create your Spotify Pie chart. To make your own Spoify Pie Chart move with the steps 

  • First of all, Launch the Spotify Pie Website on your device.
  • Log in to your Spotify account with your login credentials.
  • Here Spotify will need access to your Spotify activity
  • Grant permission to access your Spotify app
  • Once done A colorful pie chart will then appear on your screen, that is your Spotify Pie Chart.

You can see a multicolored chart appearing on the chart and every color denotes different genres that you have listened to last month.

Hover your mouse to view the genre name and the artists whose music you like most and played on your Spotify app.

Your top artists or genres from the last month’s data are also arranged in descending order form most listened to less at the top of your music pie chart.

Just take a glimpse into it and you will get what you have listened to most in the previous month.

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