5 secrets that only experts know about the custom sleeve boxes

The number of boxes to pack your valuables is countless. But the Custom Sleeve Boxes are the exceptional packaging choice for your goods. They offer an extraordinary unboxing experience to the customers. It will also help you to entice the customers towards purchase. Either you are selling cosmetics or food items. These boxes are appropriate solutions for all and attract buyers with distinctive looks.

The most important feature of these boxes is that you can craft them according to your event, product, or occasion. The design selection is depended on your imagination and creativity. However, many other benefits make sleeve packaging useful.

Provide Safe Storage and Enclosure

The best part of Custom Sleeve Boxes is that they offer enough storage for different items. The two detachable parts of these boxes consist of upper case and bottom. The upper part covers the bottom and gives full protection to enclosed items.

Additionally, the unique closure makes it easy to draw the lower part easily. The upper part of the box keeps the products in place. And don’t allow any external factor to destroy the inside valuables. If you put perfume bottles in them, they will cover their glass jars all around. They also protect them from any single jerk that can cause its breakage.

Make your custom Sleeve packaging Eco-friendly.

You must be aware of certain points before the material selection. The variety of materials also makes your product distinctive from others. Most of the time, the material selection depends on the product’s nature. If you are going to pack luxurious items, you can select the rigid stock. The robust and sturdier quality ensures their protection during storage and travel.

The kraft material is a traditional packaging material. Kraft and cardboard are the most essential packaging materials regarding climate concerns. Nowadays, People become more conscious about green packaging. You can meet your customer’s needs by selecting kraft and cardboard. Moreover, the corrugated goes with the shipment purposes.

An Opportunity to Advertise Your Brand

Custom boxes offer the best and outclass advertising benefits. They make it easy for brands to stand out with your brand name or logos. You can print your company names on these boxes, which will become the introduction of your brand. The brand name on the packaging also makes your products trustworthy in customers’ eyes.

In addition, you can also set your identity with unique logo designs. You cannot stand in competition without the publicity of your products and brand. If you grab customers’ attention with charming Sleeve Boxes Wholesale. It will be your half-win over your competitors. Moreover, there are also many options to enhance the product’s appearance. Such as;

Embossing/ debossing

 The raised down or up effect on your brand logo will identify the original brands from copy brands. Your customers can easily get the sense of copycats.

  • Foil stamping

It will highlight your brand name on the shelves. Gold, silver, or radish foil stamping at a particular place will enhance the visual appeal of products.

  • Spot UV

Spot UV helps to add a 3D effect to packaging. It will make your product packaging luxurious.

Provide a professional display.

Keep working on the presentation to impress the buyers. Add the die cuts in your sleeve boxes to increase sales. These die cuts will offer a glimpse of inside items. Besides this, you can also make a unique color contrast between upper and lower case.

As you know that colors attract the human psyche. Customers cannot remain unnoticeable after seeing such a fantastic color scheme. Moreover, it will also set a distinctive identity for your brand and products from others.

Enough Space for Printing Information

There will be ample space to print all the product details on Tray and Sleeve Boxes. You can use any space on the box on the top, sleeve, and inside them. If you want to inspire your customers, print a beautiful motivational quotation inside the box. When they open the box and find such things. It will make someone’s day better.

Moreover, printing all the essential details on the box will also facilitate the buyers. They will find out their favorite products just after seeing the box. Similarly, the brand details such as company names, addresses, and product details will make you trustworthy in customers’ eyes.

Add Ons and finishing options.

 To impress your customers for long-term needs, the durable Sleeve Boxes Wholesale. You can put the inserts inside the trays to securely hold the products. It becomes very useful in the case of jewels or perfumes. They need extra protection during travel. Therefore, brands put these inserts or dividers to keep them in a specific place. Moreover, the lamination of the sleeve packaging also adds charm to the product’s presence. The following coatings will protect your boxes from scratches and fingerprints.

ü  Gloss

ü  Matte

ü  Aqueous


If you want a reasonable price for sleeve wholesale boxes, Go to iCustomBoxes. Our professional team ensures your box quality with lots of additional features. You can also get the benefits of our latest printing equipment for product promotions. In addition, with unique colour themes and innovative logo designs, our custom boxes are perfect for standing out in the community.

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